Artichoke Portrait Number 9 (Framed)

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Artichoke Portrait Number 9 (Framed)


Overhead portrait of an artichoke.

The Artichoke Portrait Series

This particular piece was originally conceived for exhibition as part of the Eat Your Veggies Exhibition in Vancouver in April 2016.

The artichoke portraits exalt the beauty of this product of the natural world. Vegetables are prized not only for their nutrition but also for their beauty, which is reflected in the heroic composition. The dark tones and moody sensuality celebrate the mystery of this spiny vegetable as it reveals its soft interior. As in much of my work, simplicity, shape and form are emphasized.

7.27  x 9  framed in 11 x 14 frame

Printed using archival pigment inks on 100% cotton rag fine art paper with smooth finish

Limited edition of  1 + 1 A/P

Signed by Helena McMurdo

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Framed versions of this piece are available. Due to shipping concerns, these are available Vancouver only.