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Hi I'm Helena McMurdo. I'm a food photographer and design project manager in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

By the way, the H is silent - we should probably get that out of the way right now, otherwise it might be awkward later on. I decided to call this blog Endless Picnic after some friends named me the 'pique-nique' planner on a trip to France. Yes, it's true, I'm often found planning my next meal, usually in an idyllic setting - whatever that may turn out to be. 

I started this blog with no real agenda, other than to record a trip to Spain in 2010. Since then it's taken me on a number of journeys. While I always enjoyed cooking and taking photographs of food, this blog pushed me to learn more and to get better. Now I am shooting for clients but I still love to cook at home and to document my personal travel experiences. I hope you'll enjoy this picnic. If you don't know where to start, check out some my favourite recipes and stories.

Feel free to share your comments or drop me an email if you have a question or just want to say hello.

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