Out from the Fog

Misty Tree

Recently,  Vancouver was covered in a blanket of fog. It made me very nostalgic, reminded me of my time in Ireland. Here in Vancouver fog does happen, but not that often.

It stayed for about a week and so I enjoyed many early mornings in the still and calm. The thing that struck me most, was how quiet the city became. The fog seemed to suck all the noise of the city into its folds and hold it there breathless.


One one morning when I was out at Vanier Park, the fog was moving quite a lot and the light was changing fast. I took this shot at about 8:45. I like how mysterious it is.

KitsilanoFog_© 2013 Helena McMurdo

By 5 minutes past nine, the fog burned off for just a brief moment and I shot this with just a peek of the city.

Kits Point

Finally, the last few ones have been big ones for me as I finally launched my online food photography portfolio. It's been an interesting journey to work through the images and to decide what I would include. I think I've managed to put together a collection that best represents my food photography style. I hope you'll check it out.

I'm also working on a new look for this blog. When I started this blog 3 years ago, I didn't know where it would take me. It's been a very eye-opening journey and I've been fortunate through this blog to be led in paths I didn't even imagine. So now I feel the time is right for a bit of a revamp. I'll keep you updated and hope to reveal something soon.

All the best to you until then.

Main Street Typography

MainStreetTypography. Photography © 2013 HelenaMcMurdo

With all things, I find I get better results when I have a theme or goal to focus on. Here's a few shots from a recent photowalk I did with a friend in Vancouver's Main Street area.  My friend smartly suggested we focus on typography.  I love the mixture and retro feel of some of these typefaces. I wish I knew the names. Anyone? Can you guess the locations?

Days of Sun & Strawberries

Strawberry Picking. Photography ©2012 Helena McMurdo

Summer has come late to Vancouver this year and so we've waited patiently for our strawberries. With the sun now firmly installed over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, my Dad, sister and the fella headed out to Richmond this past weekend in search of berries. After one failed attempt at a seriously picked over field we landed at Birak Berry Farms at the corner of Cambie and No. 6 Road where the berries were plentiful.  A beautiful sunny day and lots of hard work brought an abundant harvest.  Tune in tomorrow to see what I made with these.