Hermès at Work visits Vancouver

I'm a lover of what Patsy of Absolutely Fabulous would call "gorgeous little things" and so when the chance came to see how some  were made, of course I was there. Vancouver was recently treated to the travelling show that is Hermès at Work and a chance to see and interact with the Hermès  craftsmen and women outside the intimate settings of their ateliers.  These incredible luxury items are truly works of art and the people who make them seemed to be in a perpetual state of Zen. The idea of moving to Dijon and becoming a silk scarf screen printer crossed my mind a couple of times, I don't mind telling you. But this is the type of skill gained over a lifetime of practice and commitment, and despite the effortless skill that the individual craftspeople displayed, I know this didn't happen overnight. Here are a few of the "gorgeous little things" that caught my eye. 

Saddle by Hermès            Photo: Helena McMurdo
Colourful watch straps by Hermès Photo: Helena McMurdo
Hermès Glovemaker at work. Photo: Helena McMurdo
A seamstress hemming a Hermès Scarf, using the "Roulottage Française" technique. Photo: Helena McMurdo
An artist paints a design onto a Hermès plate Photo: Helena McMurdo