Winter Warmer

It's snowing today in Vancouver and the whole place has the look of a Winter Wonderland.  Being somewhat of a cold creature, I head for the indoors on days like this, staying close to the fire. Although it's pretty early, I'm already thinking about how I will warm up later.  Hot Port is  one of my favourite drinks from my days in Ireland where on cold days, this was the perfect remedy, always taken close to the peat fire.

So these days I'll settle for a gas fire and the 'pub' will probably be my living room but I think I can probably recreate the authentic hot port.

To make:

Fill a wine or brandy glass with a 2.5 oz measure of port.  It doesn't need to be your best.  Most bars in Ireland use something like Sandeman Ruby Port for this application.

Drop in one sugar cube

Add about 1 oz of boiling water.

Garnish with a clove studded lemon.

Enjoy under a down blanket or ask an obliging bar tender to make for you.