Trout Lake Market Bounty


Embarrassing for a picnic planner to admit really, but I had never been to Vancouver's Trout Lake Farmer's market. I usually do Yoga on Saturday mornings so had never found myself in the right place at the right time.  So this weekend, with some picnics in mind, I decided to break with tradition and take a wander through. My mum, her friend Mrs. B and my friend the 'Funburger' were in tow.  Needless to say nature's bounty was much on display and we ended up with some lovely things for my BC Day picnic.

Eggplant....gorgeous cute, round ones. And purple peppers, sweet and yummy.


Yellow plums...they have a name...but it escapes me. Someone? Anyone? Feel free to chime in anytime.


Purple Potatoes. Very Barney. The vendor recommended mashing with some green onion but also said a potato salad would work well. And being that potato salad is so much more 'picnic' you know which route I went.


Overall I found the experience to be a lovely one and one I will repeat on Saturday mornings...just means getting up earlier...not really my forte but I digress.

There really is something special about getting as close to the source as you can and then spending the time to make it even more special. More on that later.