Christmas Cards Now Available

It's hard to know where the time goes and it seems like the holidays are upon us faster and faster every year. One of my favourite things to do each year is to reconnect with my family and friends by sending Christmas Cards. As you all know I've lived in a number of places which often provides inspiration for my blog but it also means that I have lots of friends all over the globe who I miss particularly at this time of year. As much as we have so many new ways of connecting with each other, I still love to receive a hand-written card. And I like writing them as well. It gives me some time to slow down during the hectic season - maybe even enjoy a nice Christmas beverage while I'm penning notes to family and friends far and wide.

After a lot of coaxing from friends and family who'd received my cards over the years I'm pleased to offer a few of my Christmas Cards for sale this year via a new shop that I've set up on the blog. Eventually I will be bringing on other items, including Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Prints.

It's a way of being able to share some of my favourite photographs  with people in a more permanent way. I chose designs that reflect my own family's traditions - Christmas Cake, evenings spent writing Christmas cards, sipping something special and of course, one of my favourite pastimes - holiday baking. I hope you will enjoy these cards as much as I do and find time to reconnect with friends and family over the holidays. 

I'm offering free shipping in the US and Canada for all orders placed by December 5th. Visit the shop link to find out more.