Learning from Others

Hi all, I haven't posted in a while and lots has been happening so I'll thought I'd just do a quick post with some of my photos from the last month or so.

Among these are some photos that I took when I recently had the great fortune to spend the day taking pictures with the lovely Clare Barboza and a group of avid food photographer students at Clare's food photography workshop in Seattle, WA.  Clare is a Seattle based documentary food photographer and spending the day with her was truly a joy. We have so much to learn from each other. I was so struck how of the 7 people in the workshop, not one of us had the same shot, even though we all had access to the same props and subject matter.  It truly goes to show you the importance of vision. Thanks Clare for a truly magnificent day.

The food was  prepared by Seattle chef Becky Selengut and I can tell you it tasted as good as it looked!


Additionally, I'm including some photos from some of the things I've been baking and cooking lately.